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The Foundation organizes qualifying courses to offer new professional opportunities in the fields of books and archives.

Course Tecnico del restauro dei beni culturali – settore materiale librario e archivistico e manufatti cartacei e pergamenacei” 


Triennium 2015-2017

The cultural heritage restoration specialist cooperates with the restorer but independently acts in order to prevent books degradation and to ensure theirs conservation under the restorer’s supervision. He is responsible for his working area and equipment and takes care of the materials used during the interventions (according to art. 2, comma 1, D.M. 86/09).

His position is described by the art. 2 comma 1 of the D.M. n. 86/2009, the attached b of the D.M. n. 87/2009 and by the State-Regions Agreement of 25th July 2012 n. 165/CSR

He could work for private or public restoration laboratories as well as for Public Institutions

Bando di concorso

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