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The foundation.

The Foundation for books preservation and restoration was founded in 1998, October 16th,  with an agreement among Umbria Region, Perugia and Terni Provinces, the City of Spoleto and the former Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

According to its Statute, the Foundation promotes the culture of preservation and restoration of books and documentary material but also workers’ training, updating, re-qualification and specialization as well as their skills.

The Foundation main activities are:

  • Keeping on and managing books restorers’ high qualifying formation, yet started in Spoleto thanks to an agreement between Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Umbria Region, through the institution of a specific school and other formative and specializing activities;
  • Creating and directing a specific library/documentary centre connected to the National Library Service, with functions of studying and divulging;
  • Creating operative connections and scientific links with similar European and worldwide centers of study, preservation and restoration;
  • Providing projects for prevention, preservation and restoration;
  • Training, updating specialization services and other activities connected to books heritage management and promotion.

According to Regional Regulations, in 2003 the Foundation entered the Accredited Formative Agency list of Umbria Region in the fields of high training and continuous and permanent training.

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