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DIDACTIC ROOM: used for theoretical classes, it is equipped with 21 seats and one projector.
PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO: used to supervise volumes before, during and after restoration cycle through  modern photography equipment.
CHEMICAL LABORATORY: where spot tests take place as well as every kind of non destroying studies that comes before restoration of volumes and documents.



AUDITORIUM: where classes, seminars, workshop and conferences take place.
LIBRARY /COMPUTER ROOM: 1700 volumes and 20 magazines about books preservation and restoration are available for students and anyone who need to consult specialized books. The library is equipped with 8 computers for students’ researches and didactic projects.



RESTORATION ROOM: this area is for practice exercises, preservation and restoration actions. The room has got 18 work stations fully provided with modern tools and specific materials.
WET AREA: equipped with 8 tanks and 5 structures for wet interventions on volumes and documents such as washings.
JOINER’S: useful for the production of covers and boards for the not yet restored volumes.

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